Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pre-Paid Writer

     Pre-Paid Writer is your insurance plan against those emergencies when you urgently need something to be written.  Pre-Paid Writer is also your guarantee that your routine, everyday writing and editing chores will be taken care of promptly, efficiently, and professionally.
     You’ve heard of Pre-Paid Legal, perhaps? --the program that allows you to consult with a professional attorney whenever you encounter a legal issue? Well, Pre-Paid Writer operates under the same principle: whenever you’re pressed for time or words, you can call your Pre-Paid Writer, and have your immediate or long-term writing needs fulfilled.   
     Here’s what you get for just $79 a month:
·         A monthly, custom-written and –designed electronic newsletter;
·         UNLIMITED copyediting (1- to 2-page documents);
·         Business Blog or Facebook Page setup;  AND
·         Twenty-five percent (25%) discount on regular rates for research, writing and editing projects including press releases, brochures, blogs, copywriting of any type,  speechwriting, ghostwriting (article-length to book-length), business letters, corporate histories, proofreading, obituaries, private writing instruction, and many others.

     My credentials: Professional writer and editor for fifteen years (OnePaper, The Nashville Free Press, Golfer’s Tee Times, The Westview); freelance writer for numerous other daily/weekly publications; author of a novel, The Misforgotten. 

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